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Resistance: Fall of Man PS3 game R16

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    Expired on: 1 January 2020 03:23 p.m.
    Listing #: 1657648

Good condition disc in case with cover-slip and manual. Rated R16 Horror Scenes and Violence 1-4 players Shipping can be combined. -Check my other listings. U.S. Ranger Nathan Hale is just one man - but he's the only man to have resisted the horrific Chimera virus which has turned most of Europe into bloodthirsty human hybrids and seen the British Isles almost overwhelmed. Now Hale must discover the weakness in the Chimera's plans and lead the counter-attack. Features Resistance: Fall of Man draws players into a deep, frightening story that rewrites the 20th century and pits the United States and Britain against a horrific species of unknown origin. In addition to an epic single player campaign, Resistance: Fall of Man features co-op, split screen multiplayer and highly customizable online gameplay. PlayStation 3's superior power enables Resistance: Fall of Man to feature a wide variety of fluidly moving characters that exhibit more sophisticated behaviors and interact with their environments more realistically. Greater processing power on PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray technology enables more immersive visual and sound effects in Resistance: Fall of Man, heightening the chaos of large-scale warfare. A powerful rendering engine allows Resistance: Fall of Man to feature a greater variety of highly detailed and interactive environments for a console FPS experience, including large battlefields and sprawling military command centers. Insomniac Games has combined its passion for creating exotic weapons and vehicles with a proprietary physics system to create a unique human and alien

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