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Eye of Judgment Bundle, The PS3

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    Expired on: 7 November 2018 03:42 p.m.
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Whole box-set Playstation Exe included Excellent condition disc in case with cover-slip and manual Shipping can be combined. -Check my other listings. Rating PG Mild Themes, Mild Fantasy Violence 1-2 player Product Information In a world where magic has all but departed, a small contingent of fighters uses their mana to bring ancient cards to life. These cards hold the essence of great and deadly monsters. As always happens when a great power reigns, the forces of evil seek to control it. You can face off with the Biolith Lord, Scion, as he aims to take over the world. You can battle the cultists of Parmus as they harvest mana from the fallen and twist it to their own wicked aims. In a universe where darkness creeps ever closer, only you can return the light as you cast forth the eye of judgment."The Eye of Judgment" for the Sony PlayStation 3 has something for nearly every gamer. It combines the strategic elements of a board game with the thrill of a fighting style video game. Card based strategy meets high octane action as the player fights to be the best in a brutal quest. Using the PlayStation Eye accessory, "The Eye of Judgment" allows you to flash physical cards at the camera. You can immerse yourself more deeply in the action than ever before."The Eye of Judgment" features two expansion packs, bringing a competitive edge to the strategy game. With each, you get extra cards that offer new powers and new themes as you fight to become the greatest strategist ever. Each of these sets offers rare cards that give the strategist new and amazing options to defeat their friends and foes. These sets are fully playable games on their own......

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