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Excellent condition disc in case with cover-slip and manual. Rated R16 Restricted to persons 16 years and over NOTE Contains Violence 1 player Shipping can be combined. -Check my other listings. I have my own azuradisc resurfacing machine which allows me to offer guarantee on the quality of the discs I sell. Legendary – The Box tells the story of a thief – Charles Deckard - who is duped into stealing the mythical Pandora's Box. Like Pandora before him, he cannot resist the temptation of finding out what's inside. By opening the fabled device, he unleashes hordes of creatures thought to be merely the imaginings of our ancestors. However, murderous werewolves, unstoppable gryphons and other creatures of ancient lore prove all too real as they wreak havoc across an unprepared modern world. Gameplay You'll be shooting a variety of enemies but you will have also to take cover in order not to take important damage. You will have to choose which weapon to carry as you can't carry more than three (four if you're incluing Molotov/grenades). Also, you'll be sometimes required to solve some puzzles in order to advance in the game. You will not find medikits but you can heal yourself with Animus Vitae, a sort of energy, by absorbing it or by taking it from what you've stocked. You can also use it for stunning enemies. Also, you can use your PDA for getting information about what you've picked, what you're fighting or what you're living without forgetting what you have to accomplish. Features •A war of mythic proportions: •Global combat in stunning locations: •Think fast or die combat:

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