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Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots PS3 additional card cover

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  • Asking price:   $19.00
    Expired on: 7 November 2018 03:37 p.m.
    Listing #: 1592300

Excellent condition disc in case with cover-slip and manual. Additional card cover. Rated R16 Restricted to persons 16 Years and over. NOTE Contains Violence 1 player Shipping can be combined. -Check my other listings. I have my own azuradisc resurfacing machine which allows me to offer guarantee on the quality of the discs I sell. The setting for Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) is a time far beyond where MGS ends and MGS2 picks up. The player once again takes on the form of Solid Snake and undertakes new missions. In MGS and MGS2, the player snuck into man-made buildings, and in MGS3 the player tackled the natural landscape of the 1960's. What follows with MGS4 is a whole new concept in which the harshest infiltration missions will need to be performed in completely new situations. In the first Metal Gear Solid title, Liquid Snake, who has the same genetic makeup as Solid Snake, takes over the advanced weapon system at Shadow Moses, an island located in the northern sea off of Alaska. He demands the release of the body of Big Boss by the US government in exchange for the nuclear weapon system, Metal Gear Rex. Solid Snake is sent on a solo mission to infiltrate the cold, deserted island to confront his brother, the other Snake. In MGS2, Raiden, a new member of the Foxhound group, is sent on a solo mission to intercept the plans of the terrorist group who have built a fortress at Big Shell, the wastewater purification facility off the coast of New York. MGS3, the latest release, goes back to the Cold War era and tells the tale of the original Solid Snake. It vividly depicts the birth of Big Boss. With the fourth installment of the MGS series, the storyline is once again set in the near future.....

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