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Excellent condition disc in case with cover-slip and manual Shipping can be combined. -Check my other listings. Rating M Sexual themes, Violence and coarse language Gaming Experience may change online 1-4 player In Pain, you use a massive slingshot to fire your character at objects. When your character hits an object, it will react in some way. The bigger the chain reaction, the more points you get! Shoot your character, and watch the physics take effect, as things explode, shatter, crash into, and break, other objects, while at the same time, getting you points! Features Based on a teen research report indicating that chaos, comedy, creativity, and community are central themes to their entertainment choices, PAIN is the first game of its kind that allows the gamer to be the architect of theses comedic episodes. Multiple playable characters each with a very unique personality and attributes as well as character specific in-flight poses. Dozens of ways to play - over 9 different ways to play single player alone, including modes like Spank the Monkey and Mime Toss. With multiplayer modes like HORSE and online competition, PAIN provides both the challenges and the replayability gamers are searching for. Completely Interactive Gameplay Environment - regardless of what the player does within the PAIN thematic, the overall environment remains completely dynamic and fully destructible, waiting for the player to find new ways to create chaos, comedy or simply wait to see what happens next. Each time a player launches into the PAINful environment, the physics and animation data is stored on PS3's HDD allowing the player to view a replay instantly. With control over various camera angles and the replay speed - slow motion and fast forward - users can edit and re-record each bruising launch.

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